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National Public Health Week: Celebrating #PHNerds Everywhere!

As some of us here at Worldways are self-proclaimed “public health nerds,” we were excited to celebrate National Public Health Week once again. This year’s theme was creating the healthiest nation in 2030. Along with hearing about ways to make healthier choices and adopt better health practices, we also heard of the success of our[…..]

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Promoting Positive Health Choices in Recognition of National Nutrition Month

There’s a reason that spring isn’t just a season, but also a mindset. The spring months bring forth thoughts of growth and brighter days ahead. As flowers bud, birds and bees reemerge and the snow (hopefully) melts away, life is renewed. In addition to plants and animals, spring also provides us with an opportunity to[…..]

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The Doctor Will See You Now: Video Visits and the Future of Modern Medicine

Would you opt to have your next doctor’s visit via video if you weren’t able to see him or her in person? According to a recent online poll, you might be surprised to find that more than half of patients would opt to turn their doctor’s into a virtual one given the opportunity.   In[…..]

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Turning Waste Into Water

Would you opt to take a drink from a glass of water if you knew it was once human poop? Bill Gates gladly accepted the challenge, and hopes millions of others will with an invention that burns human waste to produce electricity and water. Gates has long had an interest in providing clean water to[…..]

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Giving Back and Giving Local: City of Newport’s Hunter Park Mural Project

Giving back and giving local are two ideologies we at Worldways are passionate about. Though our professional network spans across several continents, our roots here in the City of Newport are just as important to helping us grow and succeed. Worldways is proud to take the side of the City of Newport and the Women’s Resource[…..]

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10 Ways Social Marketing Can Change the World for the Better

Mark Marosits here, posting from the conference. Here are some ideas from the USF Social Marketing Conference: Rowena Merritt kicked off the opening plenary of the event with hopes that it would bring to light new and creative ways for social marketing to change the world for the better. Since I have been living that[…..]

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Innovation in the Western World Versus Innovation in the Developing World: How Do They Compare?

Constant innovation and invention is a vital part of progressing towards the future. But in the Western world, a large portion of high-tech items’ and innovative tools’ main function is to make our own lives quicker, easier or more fun. In the developing world, however much of the technology and innovation is created because it is[…..]

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Commuting Smart: How it Benefits You and Public Health

While cars provide convenience and accessibility, they also aren’t the most conducive way to promote a healthier world or healthier you. According to The American Lung Association State of the Air 2014 report, more than 147.6 million people-47 percent of the nation-live where pollution levels are too often dangerous to breathe. This ozone and particle[…..]

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In this digital age, it is easy for those of us with instant access to high-speed internet, and virtually any information we are interested in finding online, to assume that is the norm. But isn’t it? Two thirds of the world’s population does not have access to the internet because of terrain, or other infrastructure[…..]

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Put Down Your Phone and Give the World Clean Drinking Water

Attachment to your phone… first world pain; Clean drinking water… developing world pain. What do these have in common? Everywhere you turn, there is an article about ditching your phone or tablet and go for day of detoxing from technology. Likewise, there always seems to be a new campaign to provide clean drinking water to[…..]

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Put Down Your Phone and Give the World Clean Drinking Water
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