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Interactive Kiosks Creating a HEALTHIER AMERICA?

The idea came to life about 2 years ago, working to implement medical information into a “medical data collection device” that can perform regular health screenings and provide other medical related information to its users. SoloHealth  (An emerging leader in the self-directed healthcare industry) is focused on increasing health and wellness education and disease prevention,[…..]

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Individuality through Design: American Cancer Society’s “Fight for More Birthdays”

Design is extremely important to organizational growth! Organizations, especially those in the social impact sector, need to have an outstanding design that speaks to the consumer.  And that doesn’t just mean bright colored “packaging” and an interesting logo. Being attractive is nice, being memorable is effective. Creativity and design are two elements that matter to[…..]

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The Next Initiative in Mobile Applications and Healthy Behavior Change

Often times we assume, and these aren’t far off assumptions, that developing nations are using our innovation and technologies to create their own successes. Yes, there are cases where this is certainly true. But as businesses, we frequently overlook at the creative technologies that under-developed and developing nations are coming up with. What am I getting[…..]

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