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Google Drive simplifies collaboration and file sharing

Today Google released its latest offering, Google Drive. Although many of the Google services are geared primarily towards personal use, Drive has immediate – and significant – benefits for organizational use. Do members of your organization struggle with emailing large files back and forth, keeping track of document versions, or receiving files in a format[…..]

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Google Drive simplifies collaboration and file sharing

Smoke Detectors and Daylight Saving Time

What do smoke detectors have to do with daylight saving time? Nothing! But collectively we have adopted a shared schedule to promote a desired behavior.

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3 Best Social Good Startup Accelerators

I came across this article written by Scott Henderson titled, “3 Best Social Good Startup Accelertaors You’ve Never Heard Of.”   With the high unemployment level we are experiencing today the new generation of entrepreneurs are acknowledging the many issues and flaws in today’s institutions. Their goal is to change the world by creating new[…..]

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How Technology is Supporting Educational Opportunities

I came across an article on Mashable.com written by Melissa Jun Rowley titled “How Five Tech Giants Are Giving Back to Education.” Microsoft, Intel, Comcast and the FCC, Time Warner Cable, and Hewlett Packard to name are among many of the tech and media companies driven to improve our children’s education. They have a common[…..]

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