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Portland’s Pod: A fix for homelessness?

What does the future of homelessness look like? Can ideas like backyard pods be the solution? According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, there were 564,708 homeless people in the United States in 2016. These numbers have been steadily decreasing thanks to programs like “A Place for You”. Read on to find out more! […..]

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B the Change: Using your business as a force for good!

B Corp Certification is our way of demonstrating the true measure of our worth and the positive social impact we make in the world. We take the side of businesses for social good, and are pleased to have mastered the rigorous standard for B Corp Certification from B-Lab. Read on to find out more!  […..]

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B the Change: Using your business as a force for good!

SEEED Summit 2016: Growing Businesses with Impact

The SEEED Summit is the first national conference to focus on building  an effective social enterprise ecosystem to drive economic development. SEEED brings together social enterprise leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs  to share best practice and create new collaborations. Worldways is honored to be co-organizer of SEEED, and to work with event founders Social Enterprise Greenhouse and[…..]

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Healthcare and Hashtags: The Rise of the Pound Sign

It seems as if the simple use of the pound sign has found its purpose in the cyber world of healthcare. The rise of healthcare hashtags within social media platforms have designed itself to promote awareness and prompt conversations. Today, the health industry is infiltrating the social media atmosphere to support, promote, and increase the[…..]

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National Children’s Dental Health Month

Teeth. Chompers. Pearly whites. Call them what you wish, our teeth are more than just a means for eating and providing the framework for a great smile. The mouth (and all that’s in it) is well-connected to the rest of our bodies, and failure to care for these parts can lead to heart disease, respiratory[…..]

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New Years 2016!

New Year is the time of the year when predictions about the future abound. Who are the people, places and ideas to watch in 2016? What’s the next big thing that will change our lives? We’ll all absorb as much of it as we can, in hope that we’ll be a little more ready for[…..]

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Teddy Bear Tidings on a Ramen Noodles Budget

The holiday season is a time for giving, and it doesn’t always have to be about money. One of the most important presents you can give are intangibles, such as time, attention, and conversation. If a fierce broke college woman like myself can find a way to give, you sure can, too.   At the[…..]

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Teddy Bear Tidings on a Ramen Noodles Budget

The Naked and The Digital

Whether  you consider it a blessing or a curse, the written word has truly transformed thanks to technology. Instead of even using words, in fact, many would rather use emoji. Smartphone users are giving increasing weight and a variety of contextual meanings to these simple digital images, which range from sassy dancing girls to mythical[…..]

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Digital Flowers in a Desert of Terror

Social media is meant to be emblematic of human connectedness, interaction, and community in a globalized society. The availability of news, entertainment, and emotion is so immediate and simultaneous with live events such as the terrorist attacks on Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad, that social media, in these moments of crisis, becomes sentient; a living and[…..]

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A Raven Among Minks

A Boston Native is Taking on the $35 Billion Fur Industry by Sourcing Her Products from the Nation’s Roadways. FUR. Just injecting the word into conversation at a dinner party brings up a mixed muff of emotions and opinions. There are those who detest and advocate for the end of the industry, those who love[…..]

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