Social Marketing and Health Communication Leadership

When the literature on social marketing was first published by thought leaders like Phillip Kotler, we were hooked. Worldways became one of a very few agencies to adapt these principles to health and health behavior. We now have scores of success stories on which to build. Social marketing and health communication accelerate healthy change. We help you accelerate their effective use.

Healthy People & Healthy Places

Healthy People, Healthy Places

We take the side of helping people and places thrive. And, we understand that one is directly connected to the other. Using the People and Places Framework for Public Health, co-authored by Worldways’ co-founder Mark Marosits, all of our projects address the social determinants of positive health outcomes, as well the choices and decisions that people make.

Our Healthy People, Healthy Places practice model helps organizations think differently about the public health challenges they are facing. It guides them through a process that takes into account intra- and inter-personal factors, like knowledge and choice as well as in-depth exploration of social determinants of health behavior and outcomes, including the built environment and economic disparity


Representative projects span childhood obesity reduction, youth violence prevention, reducing chronic disease disparities, preventing unintended pregnancy and more.

Digitial Future

Designing the Digital Future of Health and Health Care

Social media and digital technology are transforming essential hospitals, managed care plans and public health agencies alike. From health promotion to care management, from professional recruitment to member retention, effectiveness tomorrow depends on digital mastery today. Our assessment, training and development services span web and mobile development, social media, and emerging technology.


Representative projects include coaching health organizations to digital literacy and leadership, creating digital future learning institutes for the APHA, developing websites and social platforms for managed care, and designing innovative technologies for health education in the developing world.

Care for All

Ensuring Everyone Covered and Everyone Cared For

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best: “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.” We have always worked for the champions of health equality-essential hospitals, Medicaid managed care plans, FQHCs, primary care associations, CDC REACH and other major initiatives. We can help you make health equality a reality. And, will be grateful for the opportunity.

Representative projects include challenging disparities in chronic disease, challenging rising infant mortality rates in African American communities, improving access to culturally sensitive care for growing communities with deep Hispanic roots, and growing some of the nation’s most highly respected provider-sponsored managed care plans.

Our clients have included many of health and health care’s most visionary and dedicated organizations:

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
America’s Essential Hospitals
Institute for Family Health
Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan
DC Primary Care Association
South Florida Community Health Care
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